La riche mosaïque de pays qui constitue l'Afrique recouvre 6 % du globe. Comment choisir sa destination dans ses terres aussi vastes que variées ? Pourquoi ne pas commencer par choisir une mer ou un océan : la mer Méditerranée, la mer Rouge, la mer d'Arabie, l'océan Indien ou pourquoi pas l'océan Atlantique ? Si vous n'arrivez toujours pas à vous décider, choisissez un climat qui vous convienne. Des forêts équatoriales aux sommets subarctiques, aucun autre continent ne vous offre autant de diversité.



Cairo is centred around the sweeping Tahrir (Liberation) Square, re-named so after Nasser’s 1952 revolution, and gaining renewed symbolism after recent events there. This ‘city of a thousand minarets’ is the...More


The last 20 years have transformed Sharm-El-Sheikh from a remote village to one of the most vibrant beach resorts in the Middle East – with accommodation to suite every taste and budget. Scuba diving is a huge...More



Almost precisely in the centre of the Indian Ocean, the Seychelles is home to shaded tropical forests, achingly perfect beaches and an array of fascinating species – some, like the mysterious Coco de Mer palm...More

South Africa

Cape Town

When most people think of going to Africa, they actually go to Cape Town. Think soothing dry heat, first rate hotels, and great shopping, and it’s easy to see why. But Cape Town has a lot more in store. Don’t...More


Cape Town may have the picturesque setting, but if you want to experience the cultural buzz of modern South Africa, nothing compares to Jo’burg. Visitors new to the country will find the Apartheid Museum and...More

United Arab Emirates

Abu Dhabi

Compared to neighbouring Dubai, Abu Dhabi is more laid back and Emirati in flavour. Its people are proud of their traditional Arabian hospitality – so be prepared to drink a lot of local tea. One of the city’s...More


There’s no place on earth quite like Dubai. Often called the Pearl of the Arabian Gulf, its pristine white beaches, awe-inspiring shopping malls, world-class sporting facilities and guaranteed sun, make it...More

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